Refinancing - The Process of Using the Equity in your Home to your Advantage (Free Webinar)

This webinar will provide you with a detailed understanding of all the steps involved in refinancing your property, and how a refinance can benefit you.
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About This Event

With housing prices on the rise and interest rates projected to come down, it is often a wise decision to refinance your property (pull out equity) in order to consolidate debt, secure lower interest rates, accumulate downpayment for another property, purchase your dream vehicle, or renovate your house. You name it, the possibilities are endless. This webinar will be the perfect place for you to understand how refinancing your property works, and how it can benefit you in more ways than one.

Steps that we will discuss in the webinar:

We hope to see you there on Thursday, February 08, at 7:30pm EST.


Saurav Masand is an experienced mortgage agent, working in a team full of professionals who carry more than 12 years of combined experience. He has helped several clients refinance their property in a pursuit of helping them with financial stability and realizing their dreams through Affinity Mortgage Solutions. By that virtue, he has experienced almost all possible client scenarios and has received the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Sales Achievement Award, 2021 and 2022 Executive Award, 2021 Gold Award, and the 2021 Platinum award for his efforts.

Suban Sinnadurai is the Director of Talent & Procurement at Affinity Mortgage Solutions. He has 9 years of Industry experience, working for CIBC and BMO respectively, before joining the Affinity Team. The wealth of knowledge obtained by his vast experience in both alternative and traditional lending channels gives Suban a unique insight into how to help his clients obtain the right mortgage, without compromising on cost or reputation.